British Association of Equine Dental Technicians

The British Association of Equine Dental Technicians is the largest equine dental organisation in the UK with both EDT and Veterinary members. We are currently leading the campaign for EDT legislation within the UK. Our members have been assessed through an examination run independently by BEVA/BVDA and are also required to be assessed on the standard of their practical work as part of their CPD requirements to remain as a member. The BAEDT has recently put together a dedicated student program to support the progression of potential EDTs through their training and the assessment process to become fully qualified EDTs. We are also currently working alongside Hartpury University to create a degree course starting 2024.

Dearson Veterinary Products

Dearson Veterinary Products are family-owned company focused on designing, manufacturing, and supplying premium quality dental tools to Veterinary Professionals and Dental Technicians within the UK, EU, and North America. Offering both premium UK-made tools as well as classic long-standing products, Dearson aims to offer the most comprehensive product range for any veterinary dental application. Please come and see us at the TriDent Conference if you would like to know more about our products and services.

Equine Blades Direct

Since 2003 Equine Blades Direct Ltd has developed into a successful international company, selling the very best, yet competitively priced products to equine dental practitioners throughout the world.

Housed since 2017 in purpose-built premises in Somerset, we have brand new facilities to design, manufacture and test products.

Our success has come from working closely with customers, as well as having significant input from our team, who also practice equine dentistry, to keep aware of the issues and challenges. We are at more exhibitions than ever before, having a presence at various shows all over the world including those in Norway, Germany and USA to name a few.


With years of experience in equine dentistry, we are able to prototype, thoroughly test and develop new products. We manufacture equipment to our own high specifications and trial new products from all over the world. We believe our comprehensive range is second to none in Europe and we work closely with Industry experts to design and manufacture cutting-edge equipment meeting the demands of the ever-growing Equine Dental Industry.

Service and Repairs

Our service doesn’t stop with a sale. We have our own team of hands-on technicians who will regularly service and repair your equipment. You can also phone our Technical Centre at any time for expert advice. We carry a wide range of spares – even for some competitor’s products and can help you maintain your equipment and carry out many simpler repairs yourself


The WWAED is an independent association of equine dentists, committed to improving the education of equine dentists and the welfare of equines. We are the only equine dental association that has been approved by the RCVS and DEFRA to offer a Category 2 Exemption examination. The only other Category 2 examination is offered by BEVA. This ensures that the WWAED is requested to provide representation for any initiatives that intend to bring about changes in the equine dentistry field. The WWAED has Category 1 and Category 2 members. All new members must successfully complete our Category 1 examination to join. All members must undertake regular CPD and assessments to maintain their membership, as well as holding the mandatory association insurance. The WWAED is an association run by equine dentists for equine dentists.

Find out more at wwaed.org

Pimbury Dental

Digital equine dental charting, Pimbury Dental is the leading dental charting app, used by equine dentists and veterinarians around the world. With a host of specially designed visual annotations, creating a detailed visual chart is quick and easy. For those more specific abnormalities, drawing tools in multiple colours are available and lots more customisable features. All records are stored securely online, as well as your device, allowing you to work completely offline where required. Email completed charts to your clients and set automated call back reminders for future checkups and treatments, at the touch of a button.

Over 1.7 million dental records already created with Pimbury Dental.

Signup for a free trial at: www.pimburydentalapp.com or search our app on the App Stores.

Equine Dreams

Equine Dreams supply high-quality equestrian products for the Stable, Field & Arena that have been designed & developed by engineers alongside some of the most prestigious equestrians in the world. We are part of the VENG group allowing us access to a team of engineers that can help develop your ideas for new products that are not available in mainstream stores or improvements on existing equipment. This service is open to any equestrian of any level; we are more than happy to listen to your ideas.

Horse Dental Equipment

Since 2004, Horse Dental Equipment has accompanied thousands of practitioners all over the world in developing their equine dentist practice by offering product solutions and complete services.

Manufacturer of the latest generation powered instruments, Horse Dental Equipment is present on every continent, and well-known for:

User-Friendliness: Lightweight and easy-to-handle, our equipment guarantees comfort and ease.

Security: The Evolution motor’s integrated clutch protects the equipment and your patient.

Services: Fast and complete with a unique 12-month commercial guarantee, 14 technical centers, annual maintenance, and loan equipment.

Cost-effectiveness: There is an attractive overall cost for the equipment due to the system not requiring any daily lubrication, a high resistant drive shaft and the durability of diamond burrs and disks.

Find out more at horse-dental-equipment.com