Ema is one of the leading specialists in the World of horse bitting, owning The Horse Bit Shop.  Known as a Loriner, Ema runs clinics, demonstrations and lecturers to all level of horse owners, enthusiasts and Equine Professionals alike.



Tom qualified from Bristol Vet School in 2005 where he entered into mixed practise. He studied Equine Osteopathy at The Vluggen Institute in Germany, setting up his company The Osteopathic Vet Ltd in 2016. Tom has travelled to America, Denmark, Germany and within UK to attend courses and meet EDTs to see how they balance mouths. He has been forming and using Equine Osteopathic Dentistry to balance the mouth whilst considering the whole horse.


BSc(Hons) BVM&S CertAVP(EP) CertAVP(ED) Dipl. EVDC (equine) BAEDT MRCVS
RCVS & EBVS European Veterinary Specialist in Equine Dentistry
RCVS Advanced Practitioner in Equine Practice

Sam joined the Pool House Equine Clinic in June 2009 and became a partner in April 2017.  Sam holds the European Diploma in Equine Dentistry – the highest possible level of qualification in the subject. Sam is one of a very small number of equine vets who have also taken the joint BEVA / BAEDT equine dental technicians exam. 


BEVA/BVDA qualified Equine Dental Technician, with a BSc (Hons) Equine Dental Science and a MSc Equine Science

Claire has been a qualified EDT since 2009, teaching at Hartpury College on the BSc and FdSc Equine Dental provision from 2010 until 2015. During Claire’s time at Hartpury she published numerous peer reviewed research publications alongside her fellow colleagues and students.  She has also written for lay publications including most recently for the Equine Health magazine.



Nick began his equine dentistry training at the Academy of Equine Dentistry, USA in 2001.  He later attended veterinary school at Colorado State University, USA. Following graduation from veterinary school, he obtained advanced training in equine medicine and surgery by completing an internship at Arizona Equine Medical Surgical Centre. Dr. Moore has taught equine dentistry in conferences and wet-labs in South America, Australia, Europe, and all over the USA. 


BVSc CertEM(IntMed) CertES(SoftTissue) Dipl.EVDC(Equine) MRCVS

European and RCVS Recognised Veterinary specialist in Equine Dentistry. Chris was the first veterinary surgeon to pass the BEVA/BVDA equine dental technicians exam for entry into the BAEDT and has subsequently been Chair of the Examining Committee three times. In 2013 Chris opened The Equine Dental Clinic Ltd, a dedicated advanced referral practice in equine dentistry. In 2014 Chris passed the first full examination for the new European Diploma of Equine Dentistry making him a European Veterinary Specialist as well as being recognised by the RCVS as a specialist. Chris lectures, teaches and regularly examines at courses and conferences around the world.


MRCVS BVM&S Cert AVP (Equine Dentistry)

Graduating from the Royal (Dick) Veterinary College with the Joe Frazer equine soft tissue Prize, James continued to develop in all areas on advanced equine dentistry.  After achieving the RCVS certificate in advanced veterinary dentistry from Liverpool in 2017, James set up Equine Veterinary Dentist Ltd, a 100% dedicated equine dental practice based in North Yorkshire.



Marco graduated Veterinary Medicine, differentiation Farm Animals at University of Utrecht, Netherlands in 2002. In 2012 he certified at The Academy of Equine Dentistry, USA. He certified with the NVVGP, Netherlands in 2014 and with the IGFP, Germany in 2016. Marco also teaches modules of equine dentistry with Nick Moore.


Dental pathology and it’s association with the Temporal Mandibular Joint

Lucinda first attended the Academy of Equine Dentistry in Glenn’s Ferry, USA in April 2000. Attending and teaching at classes both at the Academy of equine dentistry and the Australian College of Equine dentistry enabled Lucinda to gain her advanced certificate in equine dentistry in 2003.

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Nick graduated from Stautzenberger College, Ohio, USA in 2006 as a registered veterinary technician. Nick has been certified in equine dentistry since November 2003. He currently performs dentistry at veterinary clinics in Texas, Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. Nick has also been a guest lecturer on equine dentistry at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine as well as Tiffin University. He is currently an examiner for the International Association of Equine Dentists (IAED).